Support for Parents Navigating....Everything

  • Are you struggling with making sure your kids are getting what they need?

  • Are you worried about your kids' mental, emotional and physical health?

  • Are you feeling lonely, isolated, exhausted or overwhelmed?

Join Kerri Balliet, Certified Transformational Life Coach with Red Baron Coaching for a FREE opportunity to share your parenting challenges and experiences while also learning from others and gaining ideas and support for being a great parent by being your best self!

Brave Parenting Circles provide parents a space to be in conversation with each other to explore their emotions, share their challenges, and create solutions that decrease stress and increase joy.

We meet virtually once a month for 90 minutes, starting on

Tuesday, March 16th at 6pm.

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Are you one of the parents struggling to figure out how to keep yourself grounded and connected, your relationships meaningful, and your

job on track all while making sure your children are cared for, safe and learning every day?

Not only do you need to take care of your children in a way that is unprecedented, you must find time to take care of yourself too--all while functioning in a world that is very different from what it was. It’s time to stop feeling guilty and spend some time on your own needs.

We want you to know that: When YOU are okay, YOUR kids are okay! You do not have to face this challenge alone.

By joining us once a month for 90 minutes, you will feel:

  • More grounded and centered
  • More connected to your inner authority
  • More courageous and less stressed
  • More energized and less depleted
  • More confident and less afraid

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Our learning circles will help you thrive in the midst of chaos.

  • How to take a coach approach to parenting
  • Learn how to decode hidden messages
  • Recognize the symptom vs the problem
  • Why creating family values gives you stability
  • Connecting to your authentic self

We meet for 90 minutes at 6pm on the 3rd Tuesday

of every month starting March 16th, 2021.

Here are the dates for 2021:

  • 3/16/21
  • 4/20/21
  • 5/18/21
  • 6/15/21
  • 7/20/21
  • 8/17/21
  • 9/21/21
  • 10/19/21
  • 11/16/21
  • 12/12/21

Meet your facilitator: Kerri Balliet is a transformational life coach and parent, bringing her skills to address the significant challenges facing parents in

these crazy times.

Kerri found herself divorced and a single parent of two young children while trying to juggle a very stressful corporate career. The many years of stress and trying to do it all, finally resulted in a severe case of burn-out. This led her to a time of deep learning so she could find her authentic self instead of being the person she thought she needed to be. Her journey to love and accept herself unconditionally is reflected in the work she does with her clients.

About Kerri:

Kerri Balliet is a certified transformational life coach. She works with clients to transform themselves from the inside out giving them the opportunity to live more meaningful, joyful, and authentic lives so they can achieve their bad-ass dreams instead of sitting on the sidelines. After transitioning out of a 35-year corporate career, she started Red Baron Coaching in 2018, and has worked with many corporations and individuals to help people connect to their authentic self. That’s what creates freedom, alignment, joy, and fulfillment. Kerri brings decades of personal and professional experience, along with impressive training and credentials to

her work as a transformational coach.

In 2019, she received her Transformational Leadership certificate from Cardinal Stritch, and her ACC transformational coaching accreditation from Coachville. In 2020, she received her certification as a Higher Ground Leadership® coach with The Secretan Center as well as her PCC transformational coaching accreditation.

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